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Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)*

AWA World Tag Team Title (with Ray Stevens)(3 Times)**

AWA World Heavyweight Champion (4 times)***

NWA Georgia Heavyweight Champion (2 Times)

* Defeated Tony Borne  on 10/30/63   Lost title to Mad Dog Vachon  11/21/61

* Defeated The Destroyer  on 5/22/64  Lost title to Pampero Firpo  6/23/64

**Defeated Red Bastien/Crusher on 1/20/72  Lost title to Verne Gagne/Billy Robinson  12/30/72

** Defeated Vern Gagne/Billy Robinson on 1/6/73  Lost title to Crusher/Billy Robinson 7/21/74

** Defeated Crusher/Billy Robinson on 10/24/74  Lost title to Dick the Bruiser/Crusher 8/16/75

*** Defeated Vern Gagne on 11/8/75  Lost title to Vern Gagne 7/18/80

*** Awarded title due to Vern Gagne's retirement 5/19/81  Lost Title to Otto Wanz 8/29/82

*** Defeated Otto Wanz on 10/9/82  Lost title to Jumbo Tsuruta 2/22/84

*** Awarded Title when Stan Hansen Left AWA  Lost title to Curt Henning 5/2/87

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